Golf Pride Grips

At Leek Golf Club, we’re proud to offer a full re-gripping service in partnership with Golf Pride. Whether you're looking to replace a worn grip or get your whole set re-gripped, we'll be happy to help.


Reverse Taper Putter Grip

This revolutionary grip comes from the philosophy that the golf grip is the sole connection between your hands and the club. Each hand performs a different function in the putting stroke, and this new grip helps each hand do its job better for more consistent performance.

As the video above suggests, the Golf Pride Reverse Taper has a unique shape: smaller in the upper half vs lower half - traditionally, jumbo putter grips are bigger at the top and taper down as it reaches the shaft. However, the Reverse Taper assists to anchor your top hand for stability, whilst reducing tension in the lower hand for smooth acceleration through the stroke.

The grip itself is incredibly soft and tacky to the touch, with visual guides on the upper part of the grip for better finger recognition and placement. But there's comes in three shapes (as per table below) - each available in medium and large sizes - to work with all putting styles.

Left-hand-low techniquePalm-to-palm techniqueUniversal technique


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4-4-2 Grip Selector

Choosing the correct golf grip for your game is an important part of the custom fitting process. With so many grips available, this handy Golf Pride Grip Selector system - which follows the format of the famous football formation 4-4-2 - will simplify the whole process and help you find the perfect golf grips for more enjoyable golf.


Part 1 - Customer Considerations

The first part of choosing the right golf grip is to consider the four components below. When it comes to size, most Golf Pride grips come in a variety of sizes, from Undersize all the way up Jumbo. 

You want your middle finger to just touch the pad of your thumb when holding the grip in the glove hand.If you often play golf in rain or develop sweaty hands, you need to factor in moisture management.Do you like the grip to feel smooth, rough with pronounced patterns or somewhere in the middle?A firm grip will offer greater feedback at impact, whereas a softer feel will dampen vibrations.


Part 2 - Key Grip Types

The next stage of Golf Pride's Grip Selector is to determine which of these four grip styles you prefer. This is linked to the Surface Texture consideration above. Do you prefer a softer grip whilst you swing or something with more traction?

(Tour Velvet)
The Tour Velvet grip boasts a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort and confidence.
Golf Pride's softest grip features an EXO diamond-quilted pattern for comfort and reduced vibrations.
Brushed Cotton Cord for weather control on the top hand, with performance rubber for feel on the lower.ZGRIP is the firmest cord Golf Pride grip, combining 2 layers of texture for ultimate feedback & control.


Part 3 - Additional Technologies

Once you've settled on your grip type, there are two final technologies to consider. ALIGN technology includes a visible raised ridge on the back of the grip for consistent hand placement, whilst PLUS4 reduces the grip's taper for a lighter grip pressure.

A visible raised red ridge on the back of the grip helps to lock in consistent hand position at address, enhance clubface awareness, and deliver a square clubface at impact.
Plus4 simulates the feel of four layers of tape on the lower half of the grip, promoting lighter grip pressure for reduced tension, and more fluidity and power in your swing.


Why are grips important?

The grip of your club is your only point of contact during the swing. This is why it’s so important that you have full confidence in the condition of yours. Worn grips often lead to an increase in grip pressure – with many of us not realising we’re holding the club any tighter – which has been proven to result in a loss of distance. Not to mention the increased likelihood of the grip slipping during the swing!

There are many factors that lead to the breakdown of grips, such as oils on your hands, dirt and sweat. We know many of our customers play weekly golf, so a general rule of thumb is to get yours replaced each year. But don’t worry, pop by the pro shop and we’ll let you know whether yours need replacing before talking you through the Golf Pride range.


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Available Golf Pride grips

Soft and Tacky


Golf Pride's softest grip boasts an EXO diamond-quilted pattern to reduce vibration and maximise comfort in your hands.

Velvet and Smooth

Tour Velvet

The most popular grip in golf today combines a state-of-the-art non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort and confidence.

Hybrid or Half Cord


Brushed Cotton Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a performance rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness.

Full Cord


The ZGRIP is the firmest cord grip available from Golf Pride, combining two layers of texturing for the ultimate in feedback and control.


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